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Maintain the traditional shingle look with the durability of metal

What if you could have the long-lasting durability of steel yet maintain the traditional look you love with shingles? There's a way, and it's called metal shingle roofing. We trust EDCO for our metal shingle products so you can be assured of longevity and value. These materials are designed to protect your most valuable asset: your home.

When you want steel shingle roofing highlighted by timeless beauty and an unmatched quality, you should call Revered Metal Roofing. After all -- it's in our name. We know metal!

Why choose metal shingle roofs?

  • Little to No Maintenance
  • No More Ice Dams
  • Energy Efficient
  • Recyclable
  • Last a Lifetime
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Lots of Color Choices
  • Warmer in the Winter
  • Cooler in the Summer
  • Consistent Beauty

Metal Roof Colors

Beautify your home with an array of colors while protecting it against New England's harsh climates and conditions with a lifetime roofing system.

Metal Shing Durability

Metal shingles are ideal because they can withstand the most extreme weather conditions that are native to this area, from hail and wind to snow and ice. Plus, they retain their original look for many years to come. Get peace of mind with maintenance free products backed by leading warranties and affordable prices.

Lightweight Metal Shingles

Surprisingly, metal shingle roofs are lightweight compared with asphalt shingles. In fact, we can install your new metal shingles right over your old shingles, eliminating the cost of removing the existing roof. Did you know metal shingles can last at least 50 years and usually much longer? And when you choose metal roofing, this ensures the choice of solar panels is more cost efficient.

Beautiful Color Choices

Our metal shingle roofs come in a wide variety of colors and textures. Mimic the look of wood shakes and shingles with our products, which we install according to the latest best practices. We will sit down with you to go over your options and determine which one would be best for your needs and budget.


Metal roofs, partially made from recycled materials, can be recycled themselves when they have exhausted their lifespan. Metal roofing also has excellent insulative properties that seal in heat in winter and cold air in summer.

Find out why metal roofing shingles are so popular among Marshfield homeowners. Let Revered Metal Roofing help you evaluate the different options and find one that best complements your property.

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