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As a Rockland homeowner, you can recognize the value of adding a beautiful metal roof to increase energy efficiency and prevent ice dams. Join the family of satisfied customers by choosing Revered Metal Roofing!

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Metal Roofs are Energy Star Rated

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Revered Metal Roofing serves the residents of Rockland, MA, as well as all our customers, with the quality roofing installation services that they deserve. Our work strongly reflects our focus and people choose us because we give you what you want: The best roofing system solutions available.

Concierge Customer Service

Here at Revered Metal Roofing, we satisfy and simplify the customer's roofing installation experience at the same time. Our work ethic is immeasurable. We don't stop working until the customer is 100% pleased with the finished product.

Dedicated Experienced Team

Every member of Revered Metal Roofing is a professional with many years of experience. Our team works collectively and efficiently to complete a project.

Consistent Communication

We highly value customer communication and use customer feedback to enhance existing and future roofing system solution projects.

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Our Roofing Material

Although our company is largely known for our customized metal roofing solutions, we also offer rubber and asphalt roofing solutions.

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