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From metal to asphalt, we stand behind the highest levels of durability in metal roofing today.

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Proud Member of the MRA Metal Roofing Alliance.

Our quality, long-lasting roofing can handle anything Mother Nature throws at it. Our highly trained and certified roofing specialists are experienced in installation and repairs of metal, traditional asphalt shingle and rubber roofing. Proud members of the MRA Metal Roofing Alliance, our metal roofs are Energy Star rated for your peace of mind.
Metal Roofs are Energy Star Rated

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Revered Metal Roofing is made up of licensed and insured contractors specializing in residential and commercial roofing solutions throughout Weymouth MA and beyond.

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A lot! And we're proud of it all. Check out our project gallery to see the roofing projects we've completed in Weymouth and surrounding areas lately. Roofing Projects

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