4 Common Winter Roofing Problems in Massachusetts

Roofing Problems During The Winters In Massachusetts

4 Common Winter Roofing Problems in Massachusetts 09 Jan

With winter’s first snow fall so far eluding us this new year, we all know it won’t be long till it actually happens. That’s why you should be prepared for these four common winter roofing problems so you can keep unexpected and costly repairs at bay. If you run into any of these issues, your trusted Braintree roofers are only a phone call away.

Here’s a look at how the demands of wintry weather can push your roof to its limit.

1. Snow Leaks

Leaks don’t just happen with rain. Melting snow can cause leaks as well, and can lead to devastating consequences. When snow is trapped on your roof, it starts to melt slowly and gets under the surface, most commonly near roof lines, chimneys, and valleys.

2. High Winds

High wind speeds can tear your shingles off your roof no matter what season it is, but winter winds can be especially brutal. If you have a newer asphalt roof or a quality metal roof, aggressive winds may not pose as much of a danger. But an older roof, especially one made with low-quality materials, can be compromised.

After a strong storm or high winds, check your roof and the ground below it for any evidence of damage or missing shingles.

3. Snow Loads

Heavy snow is another common problem homeowners in Avon encounter in winter. Snow load is the amount of added weight from snow that your roof can adequately handle. After a blizzard, this excessive snow load can cause lots of expensive damage while also posing the threat of collapse.

4. Ice Dams

These are one of the more common winter roofing issues that can plague Hanson homes. When the snow at the middle of your roof melts, it runs down into your clogged gutters and re-freezes. The result is a large dam of solid ice on the edges of your roof that prohibits melted snow from properly draining.

If that water has nowhere to go, it will leak into your roof. Make sure your gutters are not clogged or blocked so as to prevent the formation of ice dams. You will also want to ensure proper ventilation in your attic.

Ignoring any of these winter roofing issues can lead to costly damage to your home. If you notice any of the above types of damage, be sure to call a trusted Norton roofer right away. Avoid going up to your roof on your own so you don’t get injured or cause more damage to your roofing materials.

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