Top Culprits of Roof Damage in Massachusetts

Common Elements That Can Damage Your Roof

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From snow and ice damage to heat and poor maintenance, New England and Massachusetts roofs can certainly take a lot of abuse. The four seasons we experience here every year can wreak havoc on even the highest quality roofing system. Weather and lack of maintenance are the top culprits of roof damage in Hingham, Plymouth, and Marshfield areas, so let’s go into more detail on each.

Poor Roof Maintenance

First off, lack of maintenance won’t do you any favors when it comes to extending the lifespan of your roof. Even though your metal roof is largely self-sufficient, you can’t ignore its needs completely. It still requires annual inspections and maintenance to detect any potential problems. Fixing those issues right away will prevent expensive and complex problems later on. When you ignore small leaks and minor damage, these problems only fester into worse problems down the line.

1. Snow and Ice Damage

New England is no stranger to snow and ice, which can really detract from your roof’s lifespan. When snow and ice melts, it seeps under the shingles and refreezes, lifting up the shingles and flashing. Plus, it allows even more water damage to occur, ranging from leaks to corrosion to deterioration.

Ice dams are one big problem you want to avoid. These form when heat coming from the attic through the roof top starts to melt the snow on top. When the snow melts and drips down, it freezes at the edge of your roof where it’s colder. Ice dams not only block gutters, they add a lot of weight to the roof’s edge.

2. Wind Damage

High winds tend to weaken the shingles, nails, and other materials holding the roof together. Doesn’t even have to be intense wind – even moderate wind can threaten the structural integrity and stability of your roof. Inspect the roof on a regular basis to replace missing shingles and fix other types of wind damage.

3. Hail Damage

Large hail storms can be common in summer in New England, and they cause significant damage. A lot of hail damage simply isn’t visible with the naked eye, so you need to reinforce your roof against hail damage with regular preventive maintenance. Call a trusted roofer after a significant hail storm so they can check for hidden damage.

4. Heat Damage

Your roof takes the brunt of hot UV rays every day in summer, with contraction and expansion straining your roofing material. This, as you can imagine, decreases its lifespan. Older roofs in particular can split and crack under very hot conditions. And when humidity causes condensation to form under the shingles, water damage or leaks can occur.

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