Is a Metal Roof Hot in Summer?

Is a Metal Roof Hot in Summer?

Is a Metal Roof Hot in Summer? massachusetts 15 July

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your shingle roof with a metal roof this summer, one of your first concerns may be: how hot does a metal roof get in summer and will it make the interior of your home hot as well?

This will depend on a couple of things.

Color and Finish

The color and finish of the metal will impact its heat absorbency. It’s no secret that when metal is exposed directly to the sun, it will heat up. But whether it heats up more or less than other roofing materials will depend on its color and finish. So-called cool roofs that are reflective of sunlight are cooler than traditional finishes. Choose a pale color such as white and it will absorb much less heat than a darker color like black.

It’s also important to note that any dark-colored roofing material – whether asphalt, ceramic, or slate -- will absorb heat at the same rate as metal will. So, if you were to use one of those roofing materials for your roof in the same color, it won’t make a significant rooftop difference in temperature.

Another factor to consider is that when the sun stops striking your roof directly, such as evening, the lightest materials lose heat fastest. What’s the lightest roof available? Metal! That means it cools down quicker than other materials, reverting to about the same temperature as the air around it.

If you were to go with a heavier material such as slate or concrete, they retain heat much longer due to their mass. The longer these materials remain hot, the more heat will be transferred to the building underneath it.

Type of Construction

Another contributor to the conduction of heat is the type of construction between the roof and the home below it. If you have an attic below your roof, it will become more important to control the temperature of that space with a cool roof such as metal. You’ll have to pair that with proper ventilation as well, to maintain an equal ambient air temperature.

Along with proper ventilation, you also have to consider the quality of the ceiling insulation. There should be enough of it and it should be of the highest quality, resulting in less heat from the attic leaking into the rooms below in summer. The reverse is true in winter.

The Coolest Metal Roof Colors

You’re best off going with a lighter color, which is more reflective in nature and is the most energy efficient. These light colors include:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Pale blue
  • Light green
  • Light bronze

In the end, with a light colored metal roof, you can enjoy lower cooling costs and more comfort all summer long.

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