Stringing Up Christmas Lights? Follow These Tips to Protect Your Roof

Protect Your Roof While Hanging Lights

Stringing Up Christmas Lights? Follow These Tips to Protect Your Roof Hingham massachusetts 11 Nov

Many people start decorating for the holidays in November, and if you’re one of them, you’re probably very eager to get up on the roof and string up those Christmas lights. While we applaud your festive nature and dedication, we also want to make sure you’re safe when channeling your inner Clark Griswold.

If you’re not careful, you could get hurt, sure, but you can also damage your roof in the process. Heed these tips to safely hang your exterior Christmas lights this year.

1. Don’t Walk on the Roof

First and foremost, don’t attempt to walk around on your roof. Your roof is durable and can protect your home from the elements, but it’s not meant for you to be walking around on it with heavy boots. You could damage the shingles, ding the metal or cause penetrations that could lead to leaks.

That leads us to our second point...

2. Get an Inspection First

Late fall is a great time to get your roof inspected – especially before you attempt to decorate your roof with Santa’s sleigh or string up a bunch of lights along the eaves. An experienced Quincy roofer will visit your home for a roof inspection that can identify any areas of concern. He or she will let you know what should be repaired or addressed before winter hits. Once repairs have been made, it will be safer to begin the decorating process with peace of mind.

3. Inspect All Lights and Cords

Before you take one step onto a ladder and head to the roof, gather all the supplies you will need. This includes untangling and inspecting all Christmas lights. Lay them flat on the lawn or driveway and then plug them in to make sure each strand is working. The last thing you want to do is go to all the trouble of stringing hundreds of lights only to find that one strand doesn’t work. At the same time, check all cords and outlets for signs of disrepair.

4. Use Plastic Clips

Instead of stapling your lights to the roof, consider using plastic clips and zip ties that are designed to easily attach to your gutters and eaves (not the siding or roof). Use these items to attached décor to the roof because they won’t leave permanent damage, stains and markings like staples will.

Best part is, those clear clips can be left up all year long so you can save yourself a step come next Christmas. Always heed the recommended weight load.

5. Don’t Put Heavy Decorations on the Roof

It’s a better idea to set up your beloved reindeer displays in your yard than on your roof. Not only is this easier on you, it won’t cause as much stress on your roof. Heavy signs and decorations can damage asphalt shingles and metal panels. If you absolutely must put decorations on the roof, such as the Grinch or a snowman, invest in newer, more light weight pieces.

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