Reasons Why Roofing Warranties Are So Important

Why You Need A Roof Warranty?

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You don’t want to cut corners when it comes to your roof. After all, it’s your biggest investment in your home and the largest to boot. Protecting that investment is essential when hiring a contractor in Hanson MA to repair or replace it. That’s why roofing warranties are so important. Most reputable licensed and insured roofers will offer some kind of warranty on labor and materials.

Here are some reasons why you should always ask about the warranty when hiring someone to work on your roof.

They Protect Your Investment

Warranties are essentially guarantees from the roofing company that promise coverage of repairs that may be needed after the roofer performs the initial job. It’s also a promise that the materials and craftsmanship that went into your roof are of the highest quality. If they turn out not to be, then the roofing company will ideally stand behind its promise and make it right for the customer. Just remember, warranties don’t last forever. They have a finite time period in which you as the homeowner can apply for a claim under the warranty. You should also remember that many times, exclusions may apply.

They Mitigate Roof Risks

Your roof’s warranty protects you from accidents that may damage it. Let’s say your new roof ends up having a fault or defect that originates from the manufacturing process. Without a warranty, you would have to pay for that out of pocket. But if you have a warranty and are still under it, you don’t have to pay a cent. The warranty covers all work to fix the problem.

They Increase Your Home’s Value

Roofing warranties are in place to protect your home’s value and the integrity of the structure overall. When you hire a roofer with a strong warranty, you get peace of mind knowing you’re getting the best service and product possible. Your home’s value can decrease if you choose a careless contractor with no or weak warranties.

They Give You Peace of Mind

Your roof is one of the most expensive parts of your home to replace and repair. You don’t want to be left holding the bill for defective materials that were the fault of the manufacturer. Bottom line: warranties equal peace of mind in knowing that your roofing system will be protected and insured.

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