4 Roofing Questions You Should Ask
Before Purchasing a Home

4 Roofing Questions You Should Ask Before Purchasing a Home

4 Roofing Questions You Should Ask before buying a home in massachusetts 1 Nov

Purchasing a home is no doubt one of the most exciting - and scary - steps you will ever take, particularly as a new home buyer. Unfortunately, in their initial haste and excitement to become homeowners, many people tend to lose sight of the bigger picture and neglect to ask the right questions about your roof in Hanson MA. Your end goal should be to invest in a healthy house that will pass inspection prior to you moving in. Plus, you’ll want to be apprised of any issues that may crop up in the near future.

That’s why it’s critical to ask all the correct questions before signing on the dotted line. Check out these four questions you should ask before buying the home of your dreams.

Let’s take a look at the top 4 questions.

1. When was the roof first installed?

The average shingle roof will last about 20 years with good upkeep, while some that haven’t been well taken care of will only last 15. Hopefully, the previous owners maintained their roof or had a durable, high quality material such as metal installed to begin with. But even though some roofing materials like metal can last up to 50 years, this doesn’t mean the roof won’t have a finite life span. Always ask about the age of the roof in question. If the roof is already 15 years old, you’ll need to budget for a new roof within at least the next five years. If the roof is just three years old, you can sit back and relax for a while.

2. Which Roofer Installed the Roof?

You want to make sure that a professional contractor installed the roof so you know what you’re inheriting. Ask for the specific company name so you can do your homework as to the experience level of the contractors, their background, their licensing and their certification. With a better idea of the workmanship and material quality, you will know what to expect in the future. If the roofer was cheap or inexperienced, they may not have applied the roofing material properly. And that means you are looking at spending more money later on to fix those initial mistakes once you own the home.

3. What Roof Type is It?

Knowing the material will give you an idea of its duration and lifespan. Each material will withstand the elements in different ways. In the South Shore, we have brutally hot summers and extremely cold, snowy winters, not to mention the rains of spring and fall. The roofing material in question must be able to handle those demands.

4. How Many Layers of Shingles are There?

If the house features asphalt shingles, find out how many layers are on there. Some roofers will simply put new shingles over the old ones, which can result in warping and failure down the line. A reputable contractor will first remove the existing layer before placing the new one on, ensuring the shingles are lying flat against the roof surface rather than installed on top of a lumpy surface of old material. This allows the new layer to form a tight seal and keep all that water out.

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